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Shrimp Feed

IPM based feed - For strong start and steady finish

What is IPM ? IPM Hexagon web

Protein is a combination of Amino acids binded together. Shrimp requires 10 essential amino acids to fulfill its nutritional requirement.

Cargill’s IPM (Ideal Protein Model) ensures that all essential Amino Acids are included in the right proportions during formulation. IPM also ensures that the Amino Acid proportions match with digesting capacity of the shrimp. Better digestibility results in rapid growth, reduced crop cycle and improved survival rate.

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Our products across Shrimp life stages

Starter feed (1 to 30 days)

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Pre Grower feed (30 to 100 days)


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Grower feed (100 to 120 days and above)


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  • Higher Protein content

  • Improved essential amino acid and fatty acid profile

  • Better nutrient balance with adequate cholesterol levels

  • Greater pellet stability

  • Enhanced feed odor and palatability

Our services throughout Shrimp lifecycle

Guidelines for best management practices Seed selection service

  • Land Area
    • Guidelines for Site selection
    • Guidelines for Farm design and construction
    • Guidelines for Pond preparation
  • Seed
    • Guidelines for seed selection
    • Guidelines for ideal stocking procedures
    • Guidelines for health management
  • Feed management
    • ​Feed rationing
    • FCR control
  • Water quality management
    • Guidelines for ideal water management
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