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Calf & Heifer Feed

Cows of the future

Holistic Growth

Holistic Growth

Your animals will grow faster and develop internally laying the foundation for becoming productive cows.

Quick A.I.

Quick A.I.

Our products will help your animals reach the right weight and B.C.S for AI at 16 months. This saves you a lot on feeding costs.

Calf Starter Premium





  • Balanced amino acids
  • Vitamin A, D, E, K and B complex
  • Reduces weaning stress
  • Helps in rumen development
  • Prevents diarrhoea
  • Start feeding 50g by hand at 4 days of age
  • Gradually reduce milk and increase starter
  • Stop feeding milk when the calf is regularly consuming 0.8-1kg starter per day
  • Form: 3mm roasted pellets
  • Crude protein: 24%* (min)
  • Crude faf: 4%* (min)
  • Crude fiber: 7%* (max)
  • Moisture 11%* (max)


PURINA® and the Checkerboard logo are licensed trademarks of Société des Produits Nestlé. Available outside the U.S. only.

Always refer to product packaging for exact specifications. *Applicable on moisture free basis.