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Leonardo range of Olive Oils

Leonardo range of olive oils is the latest acquisition in the Cargill India portfolio of edible oils. The brand is a market leader with a 30% + share in the fastest growing segment of edible oils market in India – olive oils. Leonardo is available in EVO, Pure and Pomace variants to cater to different needs of discerning consumers. Positioned as the olive oil for Indian cooking, it has resonated with the needs of affluent Indian homemakers leading to its leadership share status.

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A pioneer in sunflower oil, the Gemini brand spans a wide range of edible oils such as soybean, groundnut, cottonseed, filtered groundnut, mustard oil and vanaspati. Gemini oil helps in preparing healthy food and retains its freshness for longer time. Gemini is one of the leading brands in west, north and south India and is available in multiple pack sizes.

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NatureFresh Acti-Lite refined oils ensure that you stay light and active. As proven by laboratory tests, food cooked in NatureFresh Acti-Lite absorbs less oil. The NatureFresh range of oils is available in multiple pack sizes and has many variants. It is available as refined soybean and sunflower oil; NatureFresh Purita, kachi ghani pure mustard oil; NatureFresh Shakti, refined palmolein oil; and NatureFresh olive oil. It is one of the leading brands in east and north India.

NatureFresh Chakki Atta
NatureFresh offers packaged whole wheat flour as NatureFresh Chakki Atta. It is available in various pack sizes.

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Sweekar was recently re-launched with  high oleic blend of sunflower oil. Read the full story

Sweekar refined sunflower oil comes with a unique blend of High Oleic Sunflower Oil (HOSUN), for improved heart health. HOSUN contains higher Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) than olive oil. MUFA is good fat and is a healthy alternative to saturated fats: it improves blood lipid profile and so diets with healthy amounts of MUFA have a host of amazing health benefits. Sweekar is one of the leading premium sunflower oil brands across the country and is available in multiple pack sizes.

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With more than 50 years of presence in India, Rath is a heritage vanaspati brand. It is a trusted name associated with cooking delicious Indian traditional recipes and sweets. Rath is one of the leading brands in north and central India and is available in multiple pack sizes.

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Sunflower Vanaspati

Sunflower Vanaspati is an iconic brand in the hydrogenated fats category. It is one of the leading brands in western and parts of southern India and is available in multiple pack sizes.

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