Energy, Transportation and Metals

We transparently manage global commodity supply chains for our customers and offer  a unique combination of physical and financial expertise to develop physical and financial solutions in the natural gas, power, petroleum, petrochemicals, ferrous and ocean freight markets.

As both a consumer and a supplier, Cargill’s Energy, Transportation and Metals business combines practical experience and in-depth analysis of global commodity markets to generate and apply the insights which benefit its customers. By acting responsibly and thinking innovatively, Cargill helps its customers to focus on core activities and meet their growth objectives.

Headquartered in Geneva, Cargill’s Energy, Transportation and Metals division brings together over 1,000 specialists. We operate regional hubs in the Americas (Calgary, Houston, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Lima, Sao Paulo), Asia (Beijing, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo), Europe (Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Mechelen, Varna), and the Middle East (Dubai).

We also operate 8 steel service centers across the United States (East Chicago, Granite City, Houston, Loudon, Nashville, Panama, Tulsa, and Windsor).

Cargill’s Energy, Transportation and Metals business in India has grown rapidly in the past five years, based on its customer offerings in ocean freight, coal, iron ore and steel. By working closely with our customers and understanding their needs, we have developed a range of physical and financial solutions that help them optimize the efficiency of their supply chains. 

To learn more about our offering in the Energy, Transportation and Metals space, please visit www.cargill-etm.com