A partnership strengthens rural communities in eight countries

As CARE and Cargill announce a new $7.5 million program to fight global poverty and hunger, more than 100,000 people in rural areas are already benefitting from this unique partnership. Begun in 2008, the program strives to deliver lasting change. Smallholder farmers are getting training that helps them grow more crops and make more money. That means they can send their children to school. The program has helped refurbish schools, buy supplies and provide nutritious meals.

This infographic summarizes what’s been achieved so far by combining CARE’s expertise in rural development with Cargill’s agricultural knowledge, commercial resources and supply chain insight.

Learn more about the Cargill and CARE partnership and the Rural Development Initiative at: Cargill and CARE renew effort to fight hunger, improve incomes among smallholder farmers




CARE tackles global poverty and helps smallholder farmers improve food security. Cargill.