A Great Place To Work

With over 140,000 people working across 65 countries, the Cargill team is global, diverse, creative and passionate about nourishing ideas and people. At Cargill India, we take pride in not just what we do but how we do it.

Our businesses are diverse and far-reaching and so
are our career opportunities. Our employees work in
offices, laboratories, mills and production facilities
and wear hard hats, crunch numbers, seal deals, gain
customer insights, invent new products and improve
processes. And all have one thing in common: Everyday our
employees choose to be part of the Cargill India team.

Offering a career, not just a job

Our businesses contribute to a better nourished and
more vibrant India. That’s why we have people who
have the potential to grow with the organization.
We build capabilities in our people and encourage
them to move between businesses. Joining Cargill
opens the door to a multitude of opportunities in
India and abroad.

Enabling people to reach full potential
We offer a demanding yet fulfilling work
environment. Our challenging and rewarding
assignments allow people to realize their full
potential and shape their own growth and
development. Training opportunities include
participation in company programs, attending
external courses and on-the-job learning. We are
proud of many ‘home-grown’ management talents.

Having high ethical standards
We have high ethical standards by which we operate
throughout the world. No employee is ever asked or
expected to compromise these standards.

Engaging staff in meaningful ways
We are committed to being a good corporate
citizen. Part of that commitment is giving back to
the community in which we work and operate. Our
employees make a difference by volunteering time
and skills in various community projects and programs
we support throughout India.

But don’t just believe what is written here. Meet
some of our employees and learn what excites
them to come to work everyday. Then ask yourself:
“Do I want to fulfill my potential with a company
that thrives on innovation, engages employees and
rewards performance?